Surprise Wedding Proposal in Rome on the Terrazza Belvedere

Surprise Marriage Proposal in Rome with Zuleyma and Corbin

14 August 2023

A charming surprise proposal photoshoot on the beautiful Terrazza Belvedere in the Eternal City

Zuleyma and Corbin's love story unfolded on a picturesque afternoon in Rome. Corbin, the mastermind behind a heartwarming surprise, reached out to Luca from The Rome Photographer with an extraordinary request. He entrusted him to orchestrate a flawless proposal on the enchanting Terrazza Belvedere. As the sun bathed the city in a golden glow, Corbin's heart raced with anticipation. The Terrazza Belvedere, perched high above the Eternal City, was adorned with fragrant blooms and overlooked the majestic rooftops of Rome. The stage was set for an unforgettable moment. With the skilled lens of Luca ready to capture every emotion, Corbin dropped to one knee, holding a glistening ring in his trembling hand. Zuleyma's eyes widened with astonishment and joy as he poured his heart out, asking her to be his forever. Tears of happiness streamed down Zuleyma's cheeks as she said "yes," and the Terrazza Belvedere witnessed a love story reaching new heights. The raw emotions and unbridled happiness were beautifully immortalized in photographs. After the magical proposal, the couple, now engaged, embarked on a romantic stroll through the Pincio Gardens. Amidst lush greenery and fragrant blooms, Luca continued to capture their love in sweet and tender moments. As the proposal photoshoot drew to a close, with hearts full of love and the promise of a lifetime together, Zuleyma and Corbin bid adieu to The Rome Photographer, leaving behind a trail of beautiful memories of their surprise wedding proposal in the heart of Rome.


Couple on the Terrazza Belvedere in Rome moments before their surprise wedding proposal in Rome
Surprise wedding proposal on Terrazza Belvedere in Rome
Romantic surprise marriage proposal photoshoot on Terrazza Belvedere in Rome
Wedding proposal photoshoot in Rome on Terrazza Belvedere
Romantic surprise wedding proposal in Rome during the slipping of the engagement ring
Newly-engaged couple kissing on Terrazza Belvedere during their wedding proposal photoshoot in Rome
Sweet couple kissing as newly-engaged couple during their surprise proposal photoshoot in Rome
Close-up image of engagement ring being held on a hand
Surprise proposal photoshoot in Rome with the engagement ring being held up against the fiancée's hand
Close-up of the engaement ring being slipped on during a wedding propsoal photoshoot in Rome
Newly-engaged couple walking on the Pincian Hill during their surprise proposal photoshoot in Rome
Happy newly-engaged couple surrounded by green leaves smiling at each other
Couple in surrounded by tree leaves kissing during their surprise propsoal photoshoot in Rome
Silhouette of newly-engaged couple on the Pincian Hill kissing with the Vatican in the background
Newly-engaegd couple sitting on a bench in the Pincio Gardens during their surprise proposal photoshoot in Rome
Lovely newly-engaged couple walking arm in arm in the Pincio Garden during their surprise marriage proposal photoshoot in Rome

Kind Words from my Couple

Superb Experience

Could not have had a smoother or easier experience. Luka has enough experience to not take the best shots but is able to advise on locations, times, and any possible issues that may arise. He always made himself available to answer questions and thoroughly checked-in throughout the build-up to ease my nerves and make sure the photoshoot went off without a hitch. The entire process was organized, professional, and as easy as could be expected. Highly recommend working with Luca!
6 October 2023

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