Melissa and Stephen's Magical Surprise Proposal on Oppian Hill in Rome

31 December 2023

A Beautiful Love Story Unveiled against the Iconic Backdrop of the Colosseum

Under the romantic Roman sky, Melissa and Stephen's love story unfolded in a breathtaking surprise proposal. Stephen, with a heart full of love, sought the perfect backdrop to declare his eternal commitment to Melissa. He reached out to me, a professional photographer, to capture the magic of this moment. The chosen setting was the Oppian Hill, overlooking the majestic Colosseum. It was a quiet haven with an awe-inspiring view, setting the stage for a moment that would be etched in their memories forever. As the sun dipped behind the iconic structure, Stephen took a deep breath and confessed his forever love for Melissa. The atmosphere was charged with emotion as he dropped to one knee, presenting a beautiful engagement ring that sparkled in the light. Melissa, overwhelmed with joy, said yes. It was a perfect blend of romance and the timeless charm of Rome. After the magical proposal, I captured intimate close-ups of the beautiful engagement ring, preserving its beauty in timeless photographs. We then ventured to the Giardinetto del Monte Oppio for enchanting couple shots. As the shutter clicked, freezing these precious moments in time, the Oppian Hill witnessed not only a proposal but a celebration of love that would echo through the ages. The shoot concluded in the garden, leaving Melissa and Stephen with a gallery of memories encapsulating the love that bloomed on that unforgettable day in the heart of Rome.


Couple holding hands with the Colosseum in the background, during their surprise proposal shoot in Rome
Surprise wedding proposal in Rome with a view on the Colosseum
Surprise marriage proposal in Rome on the Oppian Hill with a view on the Colosseum
Man kneeling down during his wedding proposal in Rome with a view on the Colosseum
Newly-engaged couple kissing during their surprise wedding proposal in Rome
Beautiful and sparking engagement ring in a elegant wooden box
Close-up of the engagement during a surprise wedding proposal in Rome
Close-up of diamong engagement ring during a surprise marriage proposal photoshoot in Rome
Fiancée showing off her new engagement ring during a proposal photoshoot in Rome
Happy newly-engaged couple kissing on the Oppian Hill in Rome
Happy newly-engaged couple in love kissing with the Colosseum in the background
Newly-engaged couple holding each other with the Colosseum in the background
Black and white picture of newly-engaged couple about to kiss in Rome
Happy newly-engaged couple holding each other by the Colosseum

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