Sposi Novelli with Katie and Philipp

12 October 2022

Katie and Philipp's Sposi Novelli Blessing was indeed once-in-a-lifetime event they wanted to remember with a set of iconic images

I met Katie and Philipp on a sunny and warm day in mid October after the Papal audience where they had just received a Sposi Novelli blessing by none other than the Pope himself. The sun was high and the square bustiling with people. I always like to start my photo sessions by providing my clients with a few posing principles. This is also a great opportunity to get to know them, crack a couple of jokes, and make them feel at ease. We began the photo shoot just off Saint Peter's Square, right at the end of Viale della Conciliazione, and walked our way towards Castel Sant'Angelo and its bridge. Along the way, I captured beautiful images of Katie and Philipp with Saint Peter's Cathedral as a backdrop. Castel Sant'Angelo is indeed another great location, very much sought-after by my Sposi Novelli couples. There, we shot a few more iconic images of Katie and Philipp. We then decided to wrap up our Sposi Novelli photo shoot on the Tiber riverbank, a spot that enjoys an amazing view of Sant'Angelo castle and its bridge. We shot our last images there and bid our goodbyes.