50th Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot with a view on the Colosseum

9 June 2024

A romantic 50th Wedding Anniversary and family photoshoot in Rome with a view on the iconic Colosseum

On a slightly overcast afternoon in Rome, the eternal city, Lorena and Carlos, beamed with joy as they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. It was a trip of a lifetime, surrounded by their three sons, their families, and their delightful 1-year-old grandson. The Colosseum, majestic and timeless, was the perfect backdrop Lorena had envisioned for their romantic photoshoot. We began our session near Colle Oppio, capturing the essence of family unity and love. The celebrated couple, radiating warmth and affection, stood gracefully as their family gathered around them. The whole family, the playful energy of their grandson, and the shared glances between Lorena and Carlos made for unforgettable moments. Our second spot was the serene Giardinetto del Monte Oppio, where the greenery contrasted beautifully with the ancient stone of the Colosseum. It was here, amidst the tranquility and historic charm, that Carlos unveiled a surprise. As the family watched in awe, Carlos presented Lorena with a stunning diamond ring. Her eyes sparkled with tears of joy, and the love between them, forged over fifty years, shone brightly. We concluded this heartwarming session with more family photos, the Colosseum standing proud in the background, symbolizing the enduring love of Lorena and Carlos. This golden wedding anniversary was not just a celebration of their love, but a testament to the beautiful family they had built together.


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