Vacation Photo Shoots in Rome for Couples, Families and Solo Travellers

Rome, a true open-air musuem, is so rich in culture, beauty and romance. It is the ideal city for an iconic vacation photo shoot.


Rome Vacation Photo Sessions

Why a Vacation Photo Session in Rome.

You dream of having divine pictures of you in the Eternal City.

Rome is also known as the Eternal City for a reason. The everlasting beauty and charm, iconic and breathtakeing scenary all earned her the unfading epiteth. With its stunning sites, like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, or the Vatican, the Eternal City is guaranteed not to leave you indifferent. You are in Rome and your deepest desire is to create charming and delicate memories of your vacation. It's also the perfect opportunity to explore the city and to capture great images while having lots of fun in the process.

Who is it for ?

You are in the Eternal City and you're seeking to hire a Rome Vacation Photographer for your iconic couple photoshoot or your beautiful family photos. Couples in love, solo travellers, small or large families, groups of friends and whoever desires a special keepsake of their vacation time in the beautiful Rome. Everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to feel beautiful with a dream vacation photo shoot in Rome.


A timeless keepsake of your love and affection in the Eternal City

You're in Rome on a well-deserved holiday, or to celebrate a special event. A Couple Photo Shoot is a wonderful idea. As your Rome Vacation Photographer I will be thrilled to capture your romantic stay in Rome.

Couple Photo Shoots usually range from mini sessions of 30 minutes to two-hour sessions. Whole day photo shoots are meant to capture lifestyle and passion in iconic vacation portraiture.


A memorable and fun account of your family time in Rome

Family photos are important and holidays provide the perfect opportunity to capture the happy moments you're having with your children. Childhood is fleeting and you want to preserve those moments with great family photos.

A Rome Family Photo Shoot usually spans from one-hour sessions to multiple-day sessions. Private Transport and Licences Art & History guidance are great additions to add depth to your Rome experience.

Solo Travellers

Awe-inspiring locations and great-looking photos of your trip in Rome

Kudos for travelling solo, but who's going to take those Instagram-worthy portraits of you against the so famous iconic backdrops of the Eternal City? I'll walk you through your favourite locations while I capture the most iconic memories of your holiday in Rome.

Solo Vacation Photo Shoots ideally would be between 2 and 3 hours, to allow for a change of clothing and visit more than one location, for maximum return of investment.

What you get

A timeless and iconic souvenir of your stay in Rome

Our goal is to create timeless and romantic memories of your Roman vacation, so that you can look back in 20 years time and would still make you feel what you felt during your Rome Photo Shoot.

Rome Vacation Photo Shoots can be full-hour sessions or mini sessions of 30 minutes. On average each hour may yield 15 images. The number of images delivered may vary due to circumstances, but I always strive for quality rather than quantity. All digital images will be professionally edited and delivered via WeTransfer.


Couple on vacation during their photoshoot in Rome on the Spanish Steps
Elegant couple photoshoot at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Young couple on vacation in Rome with Castel Sant'Angelo in background
Solo Traveller photoshoot on the Janiculum Hill by the Fontanone
Solo Traveller photoshoot at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Solo Traveller photoshoot at the Colosseum in Rome
Family on Vacation photoshoot in Piazza Navona in Rome
Family photoshoot in Rome with the Vatican in the background
Romantic couple kissing while on a vacation photoshoot in Rome