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What is Sposi Novelli ?

A Newlywed Blessing from the Pope

Did you know that all Catholic newlyweds can meet the Pope at the end of Wednesday General Audiences at the Vatican?

Sposi Novelli is a term that refers to newlywed couples who have received a special blessing from the Pope in the Catholic Church. The term "Sposi Novelli" comes from Italian, which translates to "newlyweds" in English.

This blessing is given to Catholic couples who have been married for less than two months and who have not previously received the blessing. The ceremony usually takes place in Saint Peter's Square, and the couples receive a certificate from the Vatican as a memento of the occasion.

The Sposi Novelli blessing is seen as a way for Catholic couples to receive special graces from the Church to help them in their marriage. It is also a way for the Church to celebrate the vocation of marriage and to encourage young couples in their commitment to each other and to the faith.

Why have a professional Sposi Novelli Photoshoot

A Sposi Novelli Photo Shoot is a one-in-a-life-time opportunity to celebrate your eternal love with spectacular images.

Why Hire a Professional Sposi Novelli Photographer

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional Sposi Novelli photographer in Rome:

  • It's a rare and unique event you'll want to remember forever, and having a professional photographer to capture the raw emotions after the Papal blessing will ensure you have great photos to look back on.
  • Professional Quality: Professional photographers have the skills and experience to produce high-quality images that are well-composed, well-lit, and well-edited. They have access to professional-grade equipment and software that allows them to create stunning images that will stand the test of time.
  • Expertise: A professional photographer has the experience and knowledge to capture the best possible shots in any situation. They know how to work with lighting, poses, and angles to create images that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Why Hire Me As Your Sposi Novelli Photographer

Just a few reasons why hiring me for your Sposi Novelli Photoshoot is a great idea:

  • Personal Connection: My Sposi Novelli photography is an intimate and personal experience above all. I place great value on communication and empanthy with my clients, which always leads to a more enjoyable and successful photo shoot. I speak and write fluent British English.
  • Style: Consider my style and make sure it aligns with your vision for your Sposi Novelli photographs. Look through my portfolio to get an idea of my style and make sure it matches your preferences.
  • Experience: I am a professional photographer and have been for several years now. I absolutely shooting Sposi Novelli, especially after they have received their Papal blessing.


Kind Words From Our Clients

Do not hesitate to hire Luca for photography in Rome

Do not hesitate to hire Luca for photography in Rome. We were married in the US in October 2022 and flew to Rome the next day for Sposi Novelli a few days later. In the months leading up to the big day, I was so stressed planning both a huge wedding and a 2+ week honeymoon, but I wanted arrange for professional photographs following our blessing in Rome. I relied on overwhelmingly positive internet reviews of The Rome Photographer and was not disappointed. Luca was prompt and professional (and carried my bag that I did not want in the photos). He gave us tips on posing that I wish we had for our actual wedding! We shot for an hour and he totally understood when I said I was too tired to do any more shots. My husband loved him too! Thanks, Luca, for these eternal memories.
30 June 2023
Katie & Philipp

Sposi Novelli in Rome

Our most recent Sposi Novelli photoshoots in Rome

Sposi Novelli Photo shoot with Susan and Kevin
Sposi Novelli

A Romantic and Timeless Sposi Novelli Photoshoot Capturing the Radiance of Newly-wed Susan and Kevin Amidst the Eternal Beauty of Rome's Iconic Landscapes.

Sposi Novelli Photo shoot with Katie and Philipp
Sposi Novelli

A Sposi Novelli Blessing is indeed once-in-a-lifetime event they wanted to remember with a set of iconic images.

Sposi Novelli Photo shoot with Dannielle & Cyryl
Surprise Wedding Proposal

A romantic Sposi Novelli Photoshoot in Saint Peter's Square and the Colosseum.

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  • You can expect a digital delivery of proposal photos in about 4 weeks for the low resolution ones and an additional week for the high resolution ones.

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