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You're in Rome and having a professional Photo Session with a Rome Photographer is a splendid idea. If you treasure the value of memories, as I do, a Rome Photo Shoot is the perfect opportunity to create some really great ones. Imagine how beautiful and iconic your images are going to be with Rome as your backdrop.

The Rome Photographer

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The Rome Photographer

Luca Iacono

Ever so pleased to meet you. My name is Luca and I'll be your Photographer in Rome.

To the very core, I'm a citizen of the world. I do not conceive boundaries nor borders. And I am, above all, an Italian photographer with a British accent.

Started as a Travel & Lifestyle photographer, I turned my passion to capturing the essence that ties people together. In the space of 1 to 2 hours, I am given the unique opportunity to capture the very fabric that connects people. That is a gift.

Whether you are in Rome for your honeymoon, for a secret proposal, to celebrate your wedding, or for a well-deserved vacation, consider hiring me to take romantic and iconic Rome photos of you.

A Rome Photo Shoot is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love and affection, while having fun and exploring the city. We understand that the overwhelming majority of our clients does not model and have never posed for a professional photographer. This is why I offer directions and tips when and if needed, for a truly iconic experience in the Eternal City.

Luca Iacono

Rome Photo Shoots

Elegant and Iconic Photography in Rome

Rome Vacation Photography
Get amazing pictures of you two with a fun and romantic Vacation Photo Shoot in Rome.

Travel & Vacation

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Rome Proposal Photography
We'll help you stage the perfect Surprise Proposal in Rome and capture all your raw emotions for a timeless keepsake.

Surprise Proposal

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Rome Wedding Photography
A Rome Wedding Photo Shoot as a timeless and memorable souvenir of your elegant Elopement in Rome.

Destination Wedding

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